Jackson zoo is located, surprise surprise, in Jackson Mississippi, the largest city in the state of Mississippi. And I have to say, this zoo does its state proud.


Want a close-up experience with a big cat? Do you want to see the natural animals of Mississippi? Want to play on an awesome zoo themed splash pad? Would you like to spend some time conversing with monkeys? Then the Jackson zoo is for you.


We went to the zoo on a very low traffic day. I think in total we saw four other patrons. I’m not sure if the animal’s behavior that day was influenced by low attendance, but it almost felt like we were the zoo animals and all the animals were viewing us as opposed to us viewing them. We spoke with an orangutan who conversed back and a Gibbon even took the time to sing for us and call longingly after us when we walked away. The big cats walked so closely to the nets it felt like we needed to put our hands away from the rail.  We were even able to see a rhino standing what felt like a mere 20 feet away.


Animal welfare is always at the top of my list when we visit zoos and aquariums. The all of the animals at the Jackson zoo seemed relaxed and happy which unfortunately for most of our zoo experiences at other locations hasn’t been the case. The enclosures seemed adequate and all the animals we saw showed no signs of stress. I enjoyed the open air concept  of the enclosures and the trust zoo staff puts on its patrons to respect the health and safety of the animals.


Even with low attendance the café was still open and we were all able to enjoy a slushy before we parted. There was not time in our day or wardrobe to visit the splash pad but it looked clean and it was open on a Wednesday at lunch. We did not do the train or the carousel, but I do not believe they were running on that given day


We were able to use our zoo reciprocity membership for admission at 50%. Regular admission is $9.25 for adults and $6.75 for kids 2 to 12.


I would plan at least three hours to fully visit this zoo.


Curious Corgi gives Jackson Zoo an All paws up and Tail Wag rating!


Check out the zoo’s website at:  Jackson Zoo


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