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A little About Me… And this blog

Hello and welcome to my little home on the internet.  Here we are all about traveling as a home-school family and road-schooling.

I am a southern girl with a love of all things travel (and horses, but, that’s another story).  I started this blog to chronicle our many trips around the United States and the educational opportunities this brings my Road-schooled babies.

My favorite trip is always the next adventure we are taking.  I love packed suitcases, destinations unknown, math worksheets on a park bench, and science museums that take days to explore.  My passion is open ended itineraries where we can put down roots for three days at a time and meet some locals.  My heart pitter-patters when we find reciprocal museums.

But this blog isn’t just about me, me, me, and me plus kids with school work.  I really do want to help you take your next great adventure.  Whether its how to pack light or get that Disney vacation for rock bottom prices.

I want to hear about you and how you take your brood on the road for an adventure.  How you incorporate hands on activities for learning and how you carve out a little time for yourself to be more than just a home-school Momma (or Papa).

And I want to help and inspire you to take your next great family adventure, whether its spotlighting somewhere you didn’t know existed or showing you how to make that incredible Disney trip within budget.

How we travel…. Planes, trains, and automobiles… 

We love an Epic Road Trip. My rule of thumb is: if its within a 14 hour drive we will travel by road. There are just so many places to stop and see between here and there.   In 2016 we really upped our road trip game by purchasing the “Cheese Wagon”.  This 27 foot Class A RV sleeps five easily and keeps me dreaming about all the places I have yet to go.

If the drive is too far we just hop on a plane.  I love a good airline deal and finding ways to take big trips on a little budget.

And while its not exactly the continental US, I am always up for a cruise.

Hubby tags along with us as much as possible and we travel with him on work trips when we can.  We carve out real family time on the road as much as possible.

Where we travel is always open for discussion.  If it is a place or a destination…. we want to go.

Who I really am… in my real life…. 

Well, honestly, I am pretty much just like you.  Just a mom washing dishes and doing  laundry. A few minor differences may be:

  • I am a retired horseback riding instructor and horse trainer.
  • I will volunteer to help with (almost) anything
  • A recovering coffee addict.
  • I am so extroverted it hurts and I use massive amounts of self control in public so people don’t find me too weird.
  • You can win my heart with chocolate. I like spaghetti. And, I suffer from bouts of going vegan.
  • Happily married for 19 years with two kids I refer to on my blog by whatever name I feel like using on that given day.

See we are practically twinsies!

But with all seriousness.    I love helping people getting on the road to explore.  So if you want help… or a sounding board… or you want someone to book your next great vacation, let me know.  I am your girl.

 Where to start reading… 

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Contact me! I would love to hear from you. 

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