Alabama travel – the cliff notes addition

Baby it’s cold outside. But it’s warm in bed.”


So stay in and start planning your next vacation.  Not feeling quite up to the task yet?  Is the Holiday Season tying up all your attentions? Never fear – the state of Alabama (or at least their travel department) has you covered.   Here to save the day is


I don’t know about you, but this girl likes an all-inclusive vacation. Those are not quite easy to come by within the Alabama state lines (unless you’re staying with hospitable family members). The next best thing for me is a vacation that has already been planned. This is where Alabama’s new website comes in with some serious local artillery.


Now Alabama may not be known for being a technically savvy state, but the state’s new website has done a fantastic job of preparing us locals for some exciting road trip possibilities.  Not only is the website snazzy and easy to navigate, but they also showcase two fantastic iPhone and iPad apps to help you tour your way through our beloved state. Making suggestions on where to stay, what to eat, and what not to miss on your little vacay.


If you have an iPhone/iPad, head on over to your app store and download “Alabama RD trip”. And while you’re there download “100 Dishes to eat in Alabama before you die”. Both of these apps will help you plan those last-minute trips, fill out your homeschool repertoire, and educate you about what’s available in your area.


On the Alabama Road trips app, you can browse by city, interest, and nearby road trips. On my last count, there were 12 road trips for the North Alabama region. The possibilities are endless with our historically rich state.  The “100 Dishes” app is less filled out but definitely has room to grow.  The website is the website equivalent of the “100 Dishes” app.  For the non-apple smart phone users, the websites ( and are easy to use and access.


I have vetted a couple of the road trips from areas I am familiar with and I have been pleasantly surprised with their accuracy, thoroughness, and found them well planned in general.  On the downside, the Live Chat option hasn’t worked for me so far. I also wish the “100 Dishes” suggestions were not missing so many photos. However, it does give you a great starting place without having to drag your way through the urban spoon selections of the more rural areas in the state.


All in all, Alabama tourism has gifted us with a great resource for planning a few local vacations/staycations.   Check it out for yourself.

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