Battle of Little Bighorn National Monument Montana

Battle of Little Bighorn loop

The Battle of Little Bighorn National Monument was an amazing experience.  We were on our way home from Glacier National Park and chose Hardin KOA to spend the night because it was so close to the Battle of Little bighorn Monument.

By this point in the trip, we were all pretty tired.  The Hardin KOA was our rest stop for the night before but we knew we couldn’t leave the area without a tour of this legendary National Monument.

The kids enjoyed getting their Junior ranger badges here.  The displays were the perfect size to keep their interest but also teach why this is a significant monument.

When you go, plan enough time to listen to the native speakers and take a tour.  We skipped the tour since our time was limited but enjoyed the speakers and driving through the park.  Check their website for more details on times and offerings.

The drive down and back on the park road felt like we were on the set of Dances with Wolves.  We enjoyed seeing all the native plants and of course the horses that spotted the landscape.

Its a solemn monument. A recognition of a past indiscretions that are still relevant today.  I wish we had more time when we visited.  The next time we are driving through we plan on stopping for a tour.

Battle of Little Bighorn loop Battle of Little Bighorn loop

In the classroom

Monuments like this are near and dear to my heart when I am planning our Road-schooling education for two reasons.

#1  Battlefields are a fantastic place to sit and talk about societal issues with your children.  The emotions of whatever was fought over have all played out and all you are left with are the facts. Its easy to discuss what are the right and wrong ways to handle conflict.  When to stand your ground.  And when to bow out gracefully.

#2 It is also a great way to show that the world continues on past conflict and that the tragedies of today will just be dates, names, and facts in the future.  I know for myself, the constant feed of news and conflict in the world can make our current day in time feel like the most violent and harsh time of our history, which is not necessarily the case.  Looking at our past can help us see how far we have come as a country and how the decisions we make now can effect our futures.

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