Sometimes a highlight in a vacation comes at an unexpected moment.  That was our experience at Big Sky Grocery.  Outside the signs promised bulk groceries, ice cream, and assorted accoutrements.  I debated taking my camera and just decided to use my phone. After all, this was just supposed to be a grocery store.

Big Sky Grocery MontanaBig Sky Grocery Montana


Walking in was a treat for the senses.  Amish made quilts lined the wall.  Beautiful Clocks were displayed for sale next to the deli meat counter. Amish made breads and the ice cream counter was almost overwhelming in its decadence.

Big Sky Grocery Montana

Big Sky Grocery Montana

We stopped because we needed disposable plates and bread.

We left with $83 in purchases.

The bulk section was incredible.  Plastic tins of various spices, mixes, grains, soups, and other amish made goods left my husband rolling his eyes as my Mother-In-Law and I perused the isles like we had never seen food before.  He patiently took the kids for ice cream while we browsed and exclaimed repeatedly “Look at this..”, “did you see the”, and “Wow”.


We bought no real food but lots of snacks and spices.  I will let you know how the bread is when I get to try it later today.  Update: It was delicious!!