Froggys Cantina, St Mary Montana

Froggy’s Cantina is a great little outdoor eatery in St Mary, Montana.  Sometimes you don’t want fancy.  Sometimes you just want comfort.  But you always want delicious.  Froggy’s Cantina is just that.  Simple, delicious, and pretty quick.

We were on our way to Glacier Lodge that afternoon and knew it would be best to feed the kids before the long car ride.  The six year old has a thing for tacos so Froggy’s Cantina seem to promise a little south of the border eats with an Indian flair.



We ordered too much.  To be expected when faced with such an interesting menu.  Online reviews for this place were all over the place so maybe we hit it on a good day.  They were out of some things but we all got enough for our bellies to be full.



We ordered Indian Tacos, Chips and salsa, tater tot nachos, and quesadillas.

The bathrooms left a little to be desired and all the seating is outside so this is a fair weather restaurant only.  At least for this southern crew.  Thats the only reason this didn’t get a 10 for convenience.  It has a great location.

Prices are high in this area so its hard for me to judge the value on this.  It didn’t break the bank but it wasn’t cheap.  But it did hit the spot and I would go back.

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