Getting a better ROI on your time with the Anthony Robbins RPM planner

For most of the days in the last year, I have felt like a hot mess.  Not in the “I am still in my pajamas and so are the kids” kind of hot mess. (Those are our homeschool uniforms. don’t judge.) Instead, I just could not remember which direction we were heading because I was pulled in so many different directions.  Inevitably, this leads to me drinking a cup of coffee and watching the children play instead of focusing.  Not a very productive state.  But fun, very fun.

So many ideas and projects to keep juggled in the air.  Parenting, businesses, blogs, spending time with that handsome devil I call my Husband, and sleeping. (One must never forget sleeping).  And then there is the jungle of our homes. Laundry, dishes, cooking, gardening, and cleaning is the daily labyrinth all human beings navigate.  Sometimes it just all feels like too much.

Coffee Break.

But I have gotten smarter in my old age.  (Have I mentioned lately I am almost 35?)  And I went back to what I know works.  I pulled out my trusty planner.  But not just any planner.  The mack daddy of all planners.  The Tony Robbins, Time of Your Life Planner.

Now this baby will set you back around $189 for your first order.  Subsequent orders will be less because you will only need certain sections refilled.   But it is so worth it.

Rumor is there is an App around the corner somewhere in the near future, which I will also purchase even though I have the planner.  I think it would look rather smashing on my Ipad mini. I digress.

You also need to pick up his Time of your Life program.  A mere $299.  Normally I would go into lengthy soliloquy about why this is a must in your life and you will not survive without this for another day.

Instead I will say, get on the phone, order the thing, and live a better life.  Plus, they have an awesome customer satisfaction policy. So if you don’t like it just send it back.   They likely will welcome it back with open arms.

Now for a little back-story on why this receives my highest endorsement.

(Dramatic pause while you fetch your own cup of coffee.)

When I was uber busy with my first business, I wanted to make more money.  But I had no more time.  For someone who was trading time for money, this was a bad thing.   60 plus hours a week and I still wasn’t getting it all done.  The business was profitable.  I just wanted more of the margin.

I found Tony’s life management program on Ebay as a total fluke.  I was trying to replace something I had lost and was too busy to look for.  (Ironic right?) I ordered the program on a whim and have never looked back.

The guiding principles he uses to help you shape your life in 10 days are so simple yet profound.  The real testament though was not how I felt after the 10 day program, but instead how I still feel after 8 years.  Initially, my profits doubled within a year.  I went from working 7 days a week to only 4. And I finally had the time and money to pursue other things.   I successfully transitioned away from that business a few years later and on to new ventures.

Then I had kids.

Fortunately, I was in a place all my current ventures could sit on the backburner while I enjoyed being a mom.  And I loved it.  I still love it.   I know I will always look back and these will be the fondest days of my life.  Watching my children grow has been pure joy.

Last year something happened though.  I looked up from my swing on the back porch and my babies were little kids and I knew it was time to get back to work.  But, for some reason it never occurred to me (for an entire year) to do what had worked so well in my recent past. Instead, I ran my days the way my brain functions best:  Like a psychotic kitten chasing after a laser pointer.

Needless to say it was time to get back to business with a real system again and gain momentum.

Life is just better when there is an organization of your time.  But the best part about this program for a mommy is it helps me get the mundane (ie dishes) knocked out of the park quickly so we have time to be spontaneous and silly.  And there is ample time for business as well.

The biggest relief it brings though, is the annihilation of mommy guilt.  And I do mean annihilation.  My kids lives are no longer dictated by my to do list.  Everyday is richer and more in tune to our family values.  We go through the day enjoying each other instead of running in the hustle of to-dos.  Now we can fully enjoy being productive and living as a well-run family.

Isn’t that what life is all about anyway?  Being together.

SO now it is your turn…. Get with someone at and order this planner and program and amp up your life!

Update 2019: I still use the principals from my RPM planner but I had to ditch the bulkiness for a more streamline option.  Currently I use a Tools4Wisdom planner.  I can use all the same principles from the Tony Robbins RPM planner but I have to be a little judicious about where I write things down.  It would not work if I wasn’t accustomed to using the RPM project planner.  I will say though… I do not like the Tools4Wisdom redesign and may seek out another brand in the spring if they don’t bring back a sleeker thinner design.

Update 2020:  A planner is almost the most laughable thing we needed in 2020.  My planner has worked more as a journal but I still need some basic planning tools at my fingertips.  I made another change to use the Full Focus Planner this year.  I still use the RPM principals but I like that I can carry a smaller planner and let my phone handle some of the extras I no longer have to hand write (google drive for the win).  Each planner is only 1 quarter with references for the rest of the year.  There is a bit of transferring needed for each quarter planner but it isn’t that bad. So far it is my favorite for  everyday life.  I plan to use this system again in 2021.

With Love and Coffee,


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