Gino’s East Chicago

Gino's East Chicago Best of 2017

Be still my southern heart, I have found a pizza gem in Gino’s East Deep Dish Pizza.  I’ll be honest. It was the cornmeal infused crust cooked to perfection in a cast iron pan.  I am a sucker for some cornbready goodness.

Gino's East Chicago Best of 2017

We ordered the Gino’s Special in a medium size for delivery.  We were staying at an Embassy Suites and combined the Manager’s reception with our pizza for a more rounded meal. (The reception included an Asian salad and a pasta salad as well as other accoutrements) Delivery took only an hour and 10 minutes.

Gino's East Chicago Best of 2017

Now sweet one was majorly turned off by the sauce on the top.  She chose to just eat the side salad and some cucumbers, but Swag ate without abandon.  In total, we ate half the pizza in our first sitting.  (*Update- Sweet One willingly ate a piece of warmed pizza after swimming later that evening.  She gave it a thumbs up.*)

I didn’t really want pizza for dinner.  The idea of a slice of heart attack that evening was niggling at my sensibilities but we were in Chicago.  The Land of deep dish culinary goodness.  I could not NOT try it.  So we ordered the Gino’s Supreme.  At least it had mushrooms, onions, and green peppers.  With the tomato sauce it had to count as a veggie hearty meal right?


Gino's East Chicago Best of 2017

The crust… oh the crust… I usually pass on eating the crust of a normal pizza but this crust was like a pepperoni flavored hush-puppy.  SO good.

The pizza was rich, cheesy, and bursting with flavor.  I loved the deep soulful taste the sauce on top had.  Apparently, cooking tomato sauce for an hour over stretchy mozzarella cheese does a tomato good.  The bottom held up to the transfer to a plate but it wouldn’t have been easy for my kids to eat with their hands.  I had them use a knife and fork.

As far as that heart attack goes, it didn’t happen.  It was a much lighter meal than I thought it would be.  When we head back to Chicago I will definitely be trying another one of their pies.

What’s your favorite Chicago pie?

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