Travel is the best way to see, smell, taste, touch, and fall in love with history.  And what better way for our budding students to bring history to life than by visiting the places where it actually all took place.

Homeschool allows the possibility of travel that is unprecedented for traditionally schooled children.  Why not take advantage of exploring the world they are studying about?

Here are 12 terrific US cities (albeit a bit heavy in southern destinations) that are perfect destinations to seek out an educational trip:

  1. Washington DC – this one goes without explanation.
  2. Williamsburg, VA – Colonial America comes to life right before your life
  3. St. Louis – A great city to explore museums and public areas with many free admissions
  4. New York City – the city that never sleeps is the perfect melting pot to experience the best of what America has to offer
  5. Chicago – The windy city is a cultural workhorse with plenty to explore
  6. New Orleans – The heart of the Mississippi river, explore the hard times of early commerce and a community known for its resiliency and distinct culture
  7. Natchez, MS – Southeastern nature at its finest with American Indians history explored
  8. Birmingham, AL – The seat of the Civil rights movement
  9. San Francisco – Considered the birthplace of American Cuisine, SF has a rich charm and a distinct feel anyone can enjoy
  10. Vicksburg, MS – A pivotal City during the civil war. A perfect place to discover the impact of our National war
  11. Pearl Harbor – The best example of a living war memorial in my opinion.  A great place to discover our military’s purpose
  12. Charleston, SC – Early American culture at its finest.  Art, cuisine, distinctive architecture, and extensive history make this a great location to experience a hands on approach to travel.

A yearly trip to experience history is a great way to supplement your everyday curriculum.