How this whole thing got started…..

If there was ever an industry that could mirror my passion for the equestrian lifestyle, it would only be travel.

The love of traveling and seeing the world is in my bones. After a long day of work at the barn, I would dream about being on a beach somewhere, hiking through mountains, watching whales crest in the ocean, and glaciers cracking and falling. I dreamed of hot springs, sandy deserts, exotic cuisines, interesting accents, and architecture that spans centuries. I did not want to travel to escape my life. My dream of traveling came from my love of living life to the fullest and approaching each day as an adventure.

But, I did not know how to accomplish that as an entrepreneur working 60 hour weeks with an over-committed schedule.

I was a busy professional teaching horseback riding lessons and training horses. I didn’t have the time to research vacations, pick destinations, or make reservations. I wanted to travel more but finding time to plan a trip was harder than taking a trip.

That all changed in 2010 when I picked up a brochure outside a ladies room in the Los Angeles Convention Center. This humble piece of paper introduced me to a new way of thinking about vacations. I met a lady who was making a living, living and pursuing the lifestyle of my dreams.  She said cheap cruise and I said “Sign me up”.  From that moment on I knew travel was not only possible but could also reshape my life. Since that fateful day, I have been able to take a multitude of vacations and trips.

Now I want to give you the gift that my friend Heidi gave to me.  A way to travel the world.

How often have you heard someone speak year after year about wanting to take the same dream vacation? Have you dreamed of taking a specific trip, or any trip, year after year but never seem to get it worked out? Now that I am in the habit of living life on my terms, I see how many people put off trips because they just don’t have the time to do the research. Or they assume the trip is out of their budget and never begin the research.

But it is not.  And I can prove it with many years of professional travel life under my belt.

That is why I am here and you are reading this.

My desire is to give you what I did not know existed a few years ago. I want to give you the courage and the belief that you too can take a trip of a lifetime whenever you desire.  That family vacations can happen on even a small budget. And exotic locations don’t have to feel halfway around the world.

Travel is a big part of my business life now.  Let me help you take the trip of a lifetime.  And even better, let’s take that trip as often as possible.

With Love and Coffee,


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A Wife, Mother, horseback riding, RV-ing, travel enthusiast always looking for the next adventure. As the Matriarch of a homeschooling family of four we keep our suitcases packed and our atlas handy. Join us on our adventures.