Lake McDonald Lodge Montana

Lake McDonald Lodge was first on my list of places to visit when we were planning our trip to Glacier National Park. I wanted to see the rocks.  The beautiful lake lined with a kaleidoscope of color.  And bubbling brooks that looked like they were from another world.


After a full morning of traveling the Going to the Sun Road and hiking at Logan Pass, we were ready to relax and see the rocks at Lake McDonald.  Now don’t get me wrong.  These magical colored rocks can be seen everywhere in this part of Montana.  In fact, our West Glacier KOA’s roads were paved  with the things.  But I still wanted to see the real thing for myself.  Or at least the landscaped version of the real thing.

The kids were happy.  It was nice to be among trees again. Happy little trees.


We were tired and hungry so we decided to grab a bite to eat first.  I wish I had pictures.  But we ate too fast and the service slow.  It filled an empty spot but I cannot remember what we ordered.  The ambiance was lovely and the Swiss cabin feel was cozy.



As soon as the dinner check was paid we made our way out back for the real fun of playing in the water.  We spotted a small creek to the side of a path and the kids spent the first 20 minutes just walking back and forth across the stones until they got in current a little to deep and both toppled over.  They were giggling too much to make it back out alone so daddy had to step in and lend a hand to the other side.


By this time, my very wet children were ready to take on the big lake and get even deeper.  I don’t know how warm the water was but I knew it wasn’t warm enough for this southern girl so I let them do all the swimming and I took all the pictures.

Look at these beautiful rocks! I don’t know why I didn’t bring home a whole basket.


We (they) swam for around an hour. Then it was time to head back to the RV for a movie and a relaxing evening.  Lake McDonald (and West Glacier) you take my breath away.


West Glacier and Lake McDonald Logistics

West Glacier is much different from East Glacier.  The Continental divide is no joke.  The west side is lush with big trees and maybe even warmer temperatures.  They even have a small rainforest area in the National Park (On the list for the next trip) The East side was more wind swept with more plains topography.  The west side did seem more spread out with less dinner options.  Other than Lake McDonald Lodge we ate at the RV.    The KOA is super nice but I would also be willing to stay at Lake McDonald Lodge.  I think the lake swimming would be a big hit for my kids.


So tell me are you in love with the rocks as much as I am?


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