Los Angeles California Adventure 2018

Aquarium of the Pacific

Business brought us to the Land of the Sun in January 2018.  It was a great time to escape the biting cold of the Southeast and enjoy a little West Coast warmth.  I highly recommend chasing the sun it if you get the chance.  This is an overview of our family travels to Los Angeles.

Saturday Day 1

We started our trip with a direct flight from Nashville to LA.  My kids aren’t the biggest fans of flying so direct was just easier for them.  We took an early morning flight landing us in California at 9 am.   One taxi ride later we made it to our hotel in Anaheim where, I am sure you can guess, we prepared for a little Disney Magic. We even arrived in time to eat a complimentary breakfast at the hotel.

Los Angeles

Our hotel was only 1.5 miles from Downtown Disney so we grabbed a cab and tried to walk off our jet lag.  We enjoyed the shopping and street vendors. Plus it gave us a great way to prepare for our next 2 days at the Disney parks.  We grabbed our Disney Tickets at the Disneyland Help desk in the lobby of our hotel, the Embassy Suites Anaheim South.

Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel

Sunday Day 2

The Smith’s are a Disney Rope Drop kind of family.  We like to be there before the parks are open so we can enjoy shorter lines and milder temperatures.  California Adventure Park was our first destination.  We loved the Cars land.  The overall feel of this park is wonderful and as expected. I even got to meet Lightening McQueen.  Catch you later Mater.

California Adventure Park Disneyland

Monday Day 2

Day 2 brought us to Disneyland.  I love the feel of this park and it was such a detailed experience.  The kids had fun and we stayed the whole day.  Even though it rained on us… the whole day.  Isn’t this supposed to be California, the land of droughts and little rainfall?  Oh well, we had fun anyway.

Disneyland Anaheim California

Tuesday Day 3

Aquarium time.  We chose to skip Disney on the second day of rain and head to an indoor hot spot, the Aquarium of the Pacific.  What is it about watching fish toodle about that is so relaxing? This is a great little aquarium.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Wednesday Day 4 thru Day 8

Day 4 brought us to the business side of this trip.  If you can consider being pampered by the Pelican Hill Resort staff working for a living.  This place is amazing.  If you ever get the chance to come, don’t hesitate.  You will love it.  I cannot say enough good things about this resort.

The Resort at Pelican HillThe Resort at Pelican HillThe Resort at Pelican Hill

Sunday Day 8

A little morning fun at the resort and them time to fly home.  California you were a blast. See you again soon.

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