Many Glacier Hotel Montana

Many Glacier Hotel is the largest hotel in Glacier National Park and it sits on the shore of Swiftcurrent Lake. We spent our first morning in East Glacier exploring this magnificent hotel and the trail around Swiftcurrent Lake.

This was our first full day in East Glacier and we were all still mesmerized by the beauty of Glacier National Park.  I think I took 1,200 pictures on this day of the vacation.  The mountains were so beautiful.

Parking was on a hilltop and hard to come by, so hubby dropped us off at the entrance and saved our short legged crew from too much walking around.  Me and the kids had so much fun taking photos. They even took some of me while we were waiting.  Like this one.

And this one sort of.

I loved the decor in this hotel.  It was beautiful.  (Be prepared to read beautiful often in this post, but there will be photos to validate what I say.)  Its in a Swiss Style and I felt Elsa and Anna were going to walk out any minute to say hello.

Ptarmingan Dining Room

When Hubby finally had the car parked he joined us for an early lunch at the Ptarmigan Dining room.  The food was delicious and definitely make the best of 2017 eats list.  I mean just look at these foods.

The smoked gouda veggie melt with Organic Vegan Tomato soup

And this Bison burger with a side of bison chili.

Even the kids Meatballs were delicious.

After lunch we enjoyed being outside by the lake.  You can rent canoes and boat tours at this hotel as well.  The water was beautiful.  What do you think?

The trail loops around the lake but we chose to do a out and back stroll.  There were tons of places on the trail to slow up and get great views of the area.

Of course there are always the Bear signs.

And all the bees were out having a grand old time.


We had a great time at the Many Glaciers Hotel and I look forward to visiting this area again.  Its like an enchanting fairy forest that smells of fresh pine. Oh Montana how I miss you.


And of course no Montana adventure is complete without roadside cows.  I guess the bears don’t bother these guys.  At least thats what I tell myself.

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