Mississippi Ag Museum Jackson

If you find yourself with some time on your hands in Jackson Mississippi, take the opportunity to visit the Mississippi Ag Museum.

With planes, trains, and turn-of-the-century (the 20th century that is), automobiles (i.e. mules) there’s lots of things to love and experience at this innocent little Museum.

Currently in the exterior exhibits, they are on a rebound from a barn fire which necessitated they relocate some of the exhibit animals.  The fire also has left some of the exhibits a bit crowded due to adding non damaged artifacts to other buildings.  All in all however, the heart of this museum does tend towards an accurate depiction of Mississippi’s ag culture and an understanding of how they participated in the industrialism of the cotton and farming industries.

The exhibits are modest, leaning themselves more towards truth as opposed to the flashing lights, sounds, and bright colors many of the newer museums designed for a younger audience have moved towards. But I really wouldn’t expect them to present it differently since this is an agricultural Museum. Patrons can choose to take their time and browse through each simple yet thorough exhibit or just grab a quick taste of early Mississippi farm life.

The outdoor buildings establish the small relocated Mississippi town and an early Mississippi American farmstead.  It is a fantastic step back in time for kids and adults alike.

Curious corgi’s tip: visit this museum when the weather is nice, or if you visit in the warm months aim to go in the morning. The outdoor buildings are not air-conditioned.

I think the highlight of the visit though is the Indian artifacts Fitzgerald building donated by a husband and wife collector team. It is so beautifully done and each display shows such extensive passion for each artifact.

What’s the best way for a Corgi (or human) to visit the museum?

I would suggest visiting the outdoor Mississippi town and farmstead buildings first. Finishing off your outdoor tour with stop at the old fashioned general store where you can find yourself sipping on an ice cold glass bottle drink and browsing through fun toys and trinkets. Then make your way inside the main museum hall where you can learn about Mississippi’s agriculture and how it has influenced America’s farming.

Curious Corgi tip: Don’t forget your camera.  There are several great places to take photos of yourself on this agricultual adventure. 

Finish up your tour with the Indian artifacts in the Fitzgerald building. And if you’re really smart like a Corgi, plan to do most of your touring in the morning because a short walk across the bridge takes you to the Museum Café bustling with locals, where a home-cooked style buffet is available at a great price and ambience.

Admission prices are low with adults costing only $5 and kids 3-18: $4

Visit their Website to plan your own visit: Mississippi Ag Museum

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