Mississippi Children’s Museum Jackson

The Mississippi Children’s Museum is located very close to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science as part of the four museum grouping in Lafleur Bluff park. We took a moment to go visit after our morning at the Natural Science Museum.

At first glance, there were beautiful, brightly colored exhibits for the kids to explore. My kids were chomping at the bit while I paid our admission fee as they were so excited to get started exploring this wonderfully attractive Museum. Its multilevel complex has a beautiful atrium area where you can see below to the lower exhibits, playground, and literacy garden as well as a panoramic view of a cafe, short term exhibits, and light urban industrial exhibits on the entrance floor.

We started our tour at the Red Rocket Café to eat a little lunch before our highly anticipated full on hands on adventure.  The menu selection seem to offer quality ingredients, with healthy food options and a widely varied menu. Of course my kids just ordered the hot dogs.

Unfortunately, this overall Museum experience left us a little wanting. I should’ve kept in perspective the price point at $10 per person and adjusted our expectations. The enticement of many of the displays ended at the beautiful bright colors.  My children quickly lost interest in the exhibits available as 40% seemed to be too complicated for them to work by themselves, broken, or missing pieces. This was primarily an issue on the entrance floor but the water play area on the bottom floor was also lacking inspiration.  We were able to tour the entire museum in around 90 minutes which left me feeling the museum was priced well for what it offered.

I feel this museum is better suited towards groups and educationally driven trips where guided instructions can help the kids appreciate the material presented and understand its context.  The exhibits and displays seemed a bit empty and had difficulty maintaining the interest of my children as they worked their way through the museum. As a caveat,  We have had the opportunity to visit many wonderful children’s museums all over the United States and so I feel like our opinion of the Mississippi children’s Museum is skewed because of our tremendous exposure to other museums. So your take may be much richer than ours or we could have visited at a bad time.

The Mississippi children’s Museum participates in the reciprocity program for Childrens Science Museums. Check their website to see if your membership to your local children’s Museum qualifies you for free admission. This museum is well worth visiting if you can get in with your reciprocity membership. But even if you have to pay for admission, remember it’s a mere $10 per person plus tax for an air-conditioned safe place to let your kids play.

And who knows, the next time we go the exhibits may be in better working order.

Curious Corgi’s rating for the Mississippi Children’s Museum: three out of four paws up.

Visit their website at: Mississippi Children’s Museum

or watch this commercial for letting the museum spark your imagination.

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