Mississippi Museum of natural science Jackson

When you first walk in the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science you know its a place you will visit more than once.

The museum’s intimate environment helps you to feel like you are an active participant in the natural science of Mississippi. It is small, but everything is done well and with such incredible detail it would take multiple visits before you have seen everything that the museum has to offer.

This review is short because I can sum it up in just a handful of words. If you have an opportunity, visit this museum, with or without your children, it’s a lovely experience.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your visit:

  • There is no snack bar or snack shop at this location. Pack a lunch or eat before you go. The only reason we left was because we needed to eat lunch. If we had had a picnic lunch to take on one of the many nature trails they offer, we would have done that hands-down over leaving.
  • Get over your fear of snakes. I am not from Mississippi, but apparently there are lots of different types of snakes in Mississippi. And they proudly display everyone they can possibly find for you in the museum. Go in knowing you will see )some) lots of snakes. My children found them fascinating and not scary. Especially the live two headed snake.
  • Some of the displays in the dinosaur area were worn out and they were in the process of repair. My hope is that they repair these soon as the exhibits are quite educational.
  • The taxidermy is incredible. Whoever designed this museum’s still life exhibits is very talented.
  • Some of the electronic displays are a bit outdated. Just move past those and get into the real meat of Mississippi’s natural history.
  • Prepare to go on a nature hike outside by taking the proper clothes and shoes to get up close and personal with some Mississippi wildlife.
  • Plan for four hours. That way you are guaranteed to see and read all the exhibits at least once, and not need to rush through each display. Plus this gives you time to take that nature walk or just watch the birds or turtles.

Admission is six dollars for adults and four dollars for children 3 to 18 years old. This is my favorite museum of the four offered in Lafleur’s Bluff State Park. Take the time to visit.

Visit the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science website.

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