Paroxysmal hemicrania – The Truth is…

Paroxysmal hemicrania  

The truth is – 

  1.  Not everyday will be a bad day. Not every bad day will be a super bad day. And it does you no good to be scared of the super bad days because they will end on their own and morphe into the pain free moments.
  2. You shouldn’t count your headaches and triggers. Count the moments that are pain and shadow free until you lose count and then start counting those sweet moments of blissful relief all over again. Keeping a headache diary may be important but keeping perspective is more important.
  3. Your family will become your support system. Tell them how you feel. You aren’t alone. Reach out to a support group until they can understand.
  4. It may take a while before friends and family can understand. Stay positive and patient with them as you would like them to stay patient with you during an episode.
  5. You cannot control your headaches but you can control your attitude. maintain a victor mentality not a victim.
  6. You will still have more good moments than bad. Learn to embrace the good while enduring the bad.
  7. Conquering pain disorder is 90% attitude and 10% lifestyle. Being pain-free may not be a long-term option for many; but quality of life decisions can be options for all.   If you are feeling hopeless? overwhelmed? Reach out for support. You need not suffer in silence or alone.


Suicide Prevention Hotline website

Facebook Support Group for Paroxysmal Hemicrania Sufferers

Thankfully  there are not many of us PH sufferers out there, but there are enough we do not need to feel alone. 

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