Polebridge Montana

Polebridge Montana is one of those places you have to see to believe.  Part store, part bakery, part hotel, part restaurant, part coffee and juice bar… all in the middle of nowhere. Don’t believe me.  Just take a look.

Yep, that’s nowhere.  We went there on the promise of an experience and we greatly enjoyed it.

We spent that morning moving the RV from East Glacier to West glacier.  Then we jumped in the rental car and headed to Polebridge for the afternoon.  The one hour drive from our KOA to Polebridge was beautiful as it took us through Glacier National Park.

And just as you are pretty sure you have driven into Canada you see signs for this one of a kind destination.


This building may have been here since the dinosaurs… well more accurately 1914, four years after the National park was established.   See that little sign on the porch.  The one that says BAKERY.  Yes that one.  Thats all you need to know.  Go there.  Get you a goodie and then walk around and enjoy the views.

Or sit and enjoy the peacefulness of delicious pastry.  Then go get yourself another treat at the Coffee slash Juice Bar slash Produce Stand.

Think thats weird? This whole place is weird.

Bathrooms with showers. Artisanal pastries.  Tents smattered against the tree line.  And a Saloon?

Everything is decadent and deserted…. Pastries… liquor… coffee… live bands… dinner.  Its like New Orleans without parades for you and the 10 other people who are currently visiting.


I left bewildered and full.  I am not really sure when we will be back this way, but next time I think I will stay the night in Polebridge Montana.  

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