Rapid City KOA Black Hills South Dakota

There are many KOA Kampground options in the Black Hills/Rapid City area.  We chose the Rapid City KOA because it was close to a Walmart and it wouldn’t require us to backtrack on our trip.  When you are getting 6 mile per gallon, it felt better to cut down on unnecessary gas usage.

The Rapid City KOA was sufficient for our trip needs. It provided us a great place to put out feet up for, you guessed it, one night.

The sites were level but this park is in a hilly area.  The driveway was up and the park is terraced to create the level areas.  Our site was one flight of stairs from the laundry, bathhouse, and playground.

I didn’t visit the store and I didn’t use the bathhouse.  I know…. What good is a review if the reviewer didn’t actually try stuff out.  I am not even sure what other amenities were available at this location. Apparently, there is a great pool.

My head is hanging in shame as I don’t really have a way to give this park a full review. Have I mentioned it was so hot I thought I was melting and couldn’t motivate myself enough to dig my camera out or walk around?  

The laundry area was great though and the playground was nice. We washed clothes and let the kids unwind at the playground near our campsite.  I am sure the other areas were up to par as well.  My husband said the bathhouses were nice but could have used a bit more air flow. I am sure the park was suffering under the same oppressive heat we were however.

This portion of our RV trip was plagued by high temps and burn bans.  We were still experiencing a heat wave and everyone just rested instead of building up too much steam.  We spent the evening at the unforgettable Ft Hayes Chuck wagon dinner show and left early the next Morning. 

(three times.  That is how many times I have mentioned the temperature here.  sorry)

Time for a Game

We did see a bunny.  Can you find him?


I always love it when the locals come to visit.  It was apparently bunny season in Rapid City.  We saw them everywhere.
KOA Rapid City BUnny

When we head back to this area, I am looking forward to exploring more.  I have always wanted to spend some time in the Black Hills.

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