St Mary’s Visitor Center East Glacier Montana

The St. Mary Visitor Center is a do-not-miss location if you are on the East side of Glacier National Park. Located at the eastern base of the Going to the Sun road, it is close to the town of St Mary.   We made our stop here before heading to Glacier Lodge to catch a train a train to Whitefish, Mt.  The weather had cancelled our planned hike so we were left with a parcel of time on our hands.  This spot did not disappoint.

The kids loved learning about the Blackfeet indians. The St Mary Visitor Center is even on Blackfeet Indian lands.  I loved seeing the kids so reverent of the indian culture.  Listening intently to the recordings of the languages, and reading the displays on how this culture worked with the land for survival.

St Mary Visitor Center

Visitor Center Logistics

There is a lovely bookstore and Rangers on duty. Don’t miss an opportunity to catch one of their astronomy programs or another ranger led program.  If all else catch the 15 minute film that runs every half hour.  The mural on the wall in the auditorium is beautiful.

There is a shuttle service to take visitors up the east side of the Going-to-the-Sun Road.  Ample parking for shuttle service and there were areas to park RV’s as well.

We enjoyed every part of this little Visitor Center.

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