This morning is just that – a quiet moment. Husband has left for work and both babies are asleep. Even the house itself seems particularly quiet. No dishwasher, washing maching, or tv’s. It’s so very peaceful and I feel rested. I know this will only last a few more minutes so I am going to soak it all up while I write this post.

Today is grocery store day. I am not a fan of grocery day. It’s like shopping with a whammy button.

So I will think on other things. Like what I will make Clara for breakfast. This morning I think oatmeal.

And that today I will get to go to the barn. I might actually get to see my horse for myself, in person. 🙂 I have to work a little and I will have both kids with me, so I doubt I will get to touch him. But I will get to see him.

And I will snuggle with my babies as much as possible today. It’s just turning into a bristly fall day. Perfect for snuggling.

All in all, today will be a great day.