Three day weekends

I usually partake in a three day weekend every week. I traditionally use the dreaded Monday as a fun day for me and the kids. Facebook, twitter, and the general public is generally full of people having a day they aren’t enjoying. Whether its habit or biological I am not sure. So I set up a buffer just like I did when I was a part of the JOB crowd only now in a mommy way. It is impossible to get a case of the Mondays when you are cuddled up in comfy clothes- in a king size bed – eating a bountiful lunch – watching Calliou. We don’t do any real housework. We don’t even wear real clothes usually, just pajamas.

Our first day of the week is spent convincing Everett he will survive , even if not being held constantly since daddy is at work. Clara loves to start big craft projects. (to the rest of the free world it is know as making a colossal mess). Overall our theme for the day is relaxation and family time. Limited tv more music. Songs books and tons of snuggles.

Today, however, i had a Monday. I rescheduled Everett’s 4 month checkup for today so hubby could come and Everett could get his 4th repeat PKU test. New appt was at 10 am. Clara didnt get up till 9:00. The car was packed so she only had to be dressed. The morning was harried but we made it. Turns out hubby had a meeting and Everett aged out of the traditional test. So the reschedule was pointless but we did get it knocked out of the way and shots started. It’s all good.

Head home to get peas and collards on for dinner. Grandparents/babysitters show up to watch Clara while I take hubby to his dr appt. Hurry home two hours later with sedated husband Dinner was on stove courtesy of the grandparents so no worries there. Clara had fun with her Nana and Papa. Happy kids are always a plus.

Today was a fast paced blur. I have had busier days but this one felt rushed for unknown reasons. So tomorrow will be our fun day. Maybe we will go to the indoor park. Or veg out with some craft time. Or better yet both. I love that my family is my first responsibility. That rarely other people’s schedules dictate ours.

So, you may ask why I called today a Monday when nothing bad happened and we were only mildly busy. It’s because today I forgot to smile. I sighed too many times. I forgot to appreciate the people around me. I forgot to just be happy and go with the flow.

Tomorrow will be different. I will dance for no reason. Have a tickle war and then try to convince the dog she is not too old to play with us.


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