Waterton Lakes Canada and Chief Mountain Montana

The unexpected gem of our trip is Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada.  Waterton Lakes is the Canadian side of Glacier National Park that forms the International Peace park.  However, It has its own unique flavor I didn’t expect.  It was more green than its southern cousin and the topography lent it a majestic ere.  I will go back one day.  It was just too beautiful.


The hotel was breathtaking carrying a distinct Scottish flair.  The wood inside the hotel makes you believe you are in a castle.

The highlight of our trip was High tea service in the lobby. But we had to wait our turn.  They had only one table large enough for our group so our wait was longer than average.  We kept our selves busy by going out to get a better look at the view and it did not disappoint.



The kids loved to feel the wind whipping against their bodies.  And teetering close to the edge of this serious bluff.  The mountains were unimaginably beautiful.  And the water was an incredible blue.



At this point in the trip it was almost too much.  Too pretty.  Too real.  I started to feel like I had left the earth I had come to know so well and had made my way to some magical land of mountains.  This intense reach nature has in these beautiful places is beyond my imagination and it became easy to feel very small in the universe.


Soon it was time for our tea, and it did not disappoint.  We were all offered a selection of teas and then a tower of treats to accompany our beverages.  I had been looking for a full tea service to do with my daughter all the way from our hometown to New York.  Who knew I would have to go to Canada for the privilege.  Needless to say they loved it.  And the view from our table topped it all off.  This was a best of 2017 eats as well.

Isn’t it delicious looking?!

We left with a longing in our hearts. I would love to do a longer visit in this area.  Its an incredible destination.  And we saw a baby bear!

 Waterton Lakes Logistics

If you are coming from the US do not forget you will need a passport to get into Canada.  The roads are nicely paved and easy to traverse.  At the Hotel there are lots of stairs.  You will need to be comfortable with steps to make the most of this location or even to use the bathroom.  If you are coming from East Glacier, take some time to stop off and admire Chief Mountain.  Its a great place to catch a breather.


Overall the location was safe but I would keep a tight watch on little ones near the bluff.  The Hotel and grounds were clean.  The lower convenience score is due to the fact you need a passport if you are from outside Canada and all the stairs.  And even though tea for five wasn’t cheap, it was an experience well worth the value.


We ended our day to head back and get dinner at the highly recommended Cattle Baron Supper Club in Babb, Montana.

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