West Glacier KOA, Montana

Staying at the West Glacier KOA RV Park was more like staying at a resort than any of the other places on this trip.  It was easy to see how this RV Park earned its title as the 2017 park of the year.

West Glacier KOA

The landscaping was lush and beautiful.  Everywhere you went there was a cozy area to unwind.  There is a family pool AND an adult pool with 2 hot tubs.  Yes, I said 2!!  Playground… horse shoes… dog park… walking trail… Ice cream shop… Café serving Breakfast and dinner… and a well-stocked park store with loads of souvenir options.  They even had vegan milk options.  How cool is that?!?

The roads were graveled with Montana river rock.  So each step was peppered with a kaleidoscope of color.  What I am saying is… even the roads were beautiful.

Part of the park had tree lots but a majority are open air unshaded.  We had a fire ring, 2 benches near the fire pit, and a picnic table.  There was also grass on our lot.  It was lush and the kids were prone to just laying out on the cool grass in the shade of the RV.

One Sunday evening there was a local magician.  The kids were in love with the show and it was a highlight for this park stay.  As you can see the kids were on the edge of there seats.   Its not everyday you see a magician cut someones hand off.

The pool was nice but chilly for my Deep South tastes.  Of course the kids weren’t deterred at all. The hot tubs were more my speed.

I loved seeing all the bees flitting about enjoying the many flowers planted at the park.

The bath houses were great and the laundry facilities were top notch.

What’s Convenient to this park?

West Glacier KOA was located close to the West entrance of Glacier NP, Polebridge, Lake McDonald, and the Apgar visitor center.

Even more convenient was the local car rental available.  There was a car at the RV park entrance sporting a sign for car rentals.  I didn’t call since we still had our rental from Great Falls Montana but it would have been nice to know we could have just grabbed one at the park. (On a side note, there is also a budget car rental near East Glacier Lodge.)

We even enjoyed breakfast at the on site cafe’.

This park was an awesome experience and gave us a great foot hold to base our West Glacier activities.

West Glacier KOA


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