Why I chose to go prescription free in my battle with paroxysmal hemicrania

After three years of suffering, I walked out of a doctor’s office with a smile, a prescription, and the name of my condition. Paroxysmal Hemicrania 

I was on cloud nine to have a name for the Beast.

The only thing stopping me from slamming a round of prescribed drugs down my gullet in the Walgreens parking lot was that I had another surgery to prep for. 

Two surgeries and a blood clot later, I am still not able to take the drugs the neurologist prescribed.

Indomethacin is the drug that most PH sufferers take for relief. My understanding is it is the only truly effective drug for this condition. But my doctor does not think my body can handle it so my only option is to try a slew of other drugs off-label. And, all of the drugs I have researched have had an obscene amount  of side effects.

At this point, I feel like those prescription drugs will just stay in my cabinet as I search for a way to ease my suffering without them.

So why do I choose to conquer this nasty Beast alone?

You cannot die from pain but those drugs could harm me or shorten my life.

Luckily, my husband supports me and my kids help when “Mommy has a headache”.

There is no way I could look into the sweet eyes of my six and four year old and not know being prescription drug-free is more important and being pain free.

Will I always choose more natural options than prescription medications to tame the Beast?

I don’t know but for now it is the best option.

Rest assured though I will not sit idly by while the Beast holds a blowtorch to my head. I will not just grin and bear this pain.

I have a plan of action:





dramatic weight loss

improved Fitness body balancing

controlling my emotions

maintaining my balance during an attack

physical therapy


prayer and meditation

resting appropriately

I will not post often but my plan is to keep you posted as I roll through various options on my journey to Healing.

Has any of this worked for you before?

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